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Is Change Really Possible?

Yes, we know from personal experience that change in sexual feelings and behaviors really is possible...at least to some degree, and at least for some people. We know it because we've lived it.

As a result of our work with People Can Change and other organizations, ministries, counselors, communities and friends:

  • Many of us have found the level and intensity of our same-sex attractions diminish over time, sometimes significantly. We've experienced an increased sense of belonging and brotherhood among men from all walks of life.
  • Our self-esteem has improved and feelings of shame have diminished or disappeared.
  • Those of us who have struggled with self-destructive and out-of-control sexual behaviors have often reduced or even eliminated those behaviors altogether.
  • Many of us have found renewed commitment to and love for wives, family, and God. Many have found new or increased romantic and sexual attractions to the opposite sex.

But for most of us, the real goal isn't heterosexuality anyway. The real goal is peace - and in a way that aligns our identity, feelings and behaviors with our deeply held beliefs, values, morals and life goals.

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