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Finding A Counselor or Life Coach

Listed below are selected counselors and personal life coaches who are knowledgeable about and supportive of the philosophy and approach of People Can Change. Some have served as volunteer facilitators of People Can Change programs (Journey Into Manhood, A Wife's Healing Journey, etc.). Most provide services remotely over the phone or Internet as well as in person. This list is provided for information only and does not imply an endorsement or guarantee.

NOTE:The following list includes a mix both of licensed therapists and counselors and unlicensed counselors and professional life coaches.


See ADDITIONAL REFERRAL SOURCES to help find sexual reorientation counselors and ministries.

Rich Wyler, Certified Life Coach

Coaches clients by phone internationally.
Founder, Higher Path Life Coaching
Founder and Executive Director, People Can Change
Co-Creator of Journey Into Manhood and A Wife's Healing Journey
Higher Path Coaching

Rich is a certified life coach with extensive real-world experience in helping men overcome pornography addictions and address internal conflicts over same-sex attraction, starting with his own healing journey in the 1990s. In 2000, he founded People Can Change and in 2002 co-created its powerful Journey Into Manhood experiential personal-growth weekend -- a life-changing program that has helped hundreds of men address their homosexual attractions in ways that align with their faith, values, beliefs and life goals. He later co-created A Wife's Healing Journey, supporting women who are married to SSA men. Building on his skills and experience in facilitating dramatic personal breakthroughs, Rich established Higher Path Life Coaching and began coaching professionally in 2005. Rich has years of experience in 12-Step recovery work and with various organizations that focus on deep inner-healing and personal-growth work. He has served as a senior staff volunteer for programs like Adventure in Manhood and Noble Man, among others. He has received life-coaching certification both through the Coach Training Alliance and the International Healing Foundation. Rich holds a bachelor's degree in communications from Brigham Young University. He is the father of a young-adult daughter and son. Widowed in 2006, he remarried in 2010. He lives with his wife and family in Virginia, USA.

Helen Bair M.A.P.C.

Subconscious Reparative Techniques (SRT) 602-320-2233

The following are testimonials of real people choosing to remain anonymous, who included Subconscious Reparative Techniques (SRT) into their recovery journey:

  • "I battled unwanted same sex attraction (SSA) my entire life. I could never do more than manage my thoughts and behaviors for periods of time. I felt broken, hated who I was and lived in despair, until I tried Subconscious Reparative Techniques (SRT), which changed everything. SSA is simply gone and has been for almost two years. I finally love who I am, and can be genuine and sincere in my relationship with my wife." ~Anonymous, Mesa, AZ
  • "After a life-long struggle with sexual thoughts and feelings for the same sex and after years of fasting & prayer, I was introduced to SRT. I was shocked at how quickly, easily and effectively it worked. The sexual tendencies and feelings have been completely gone for over a year now. It has been absolutely amazing." ~Anonymous, Boston, MA
  • "After SRT, I now have 9 years free of being sexually attracted to and sexually acting out with other men. Now I enjoy real connection & brotherly love ONLY with my male peers." ~John G, AZ

SRT is basically intra-mind communication. With the guidance of your facilitator, your conscious mind can direct the rich healing resources of your subconscious mind to locate and resolve the root-cause of unwanted urges and attractions stored in memory. You may have to try it to believe what is possible.

Kevin Barwick, LCPC

Private practice in Greater Washington DC Anew Place Counseling Service

Kevin, a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, has been in private practice for nearly 15 years. Previously, he worked for the State of Maryland in the Youth and Family Division for over 10 years providing foster care placement services. Kevin specializes in issues related to relationship skill-building and communication, personal trauma, masculine sexuality/self-image, addictions, depression and anxiety. He honors the faith-traditions that people have, and welcomes them into the therapy process.

Christopher Doyle, LCPC

Director, International Healing Foundation (Greater Washington, DC)
Provides psychotherapy in-person and over the internet/telephone
International Healing Foundation

Christopher Doyle is the Director of the International Healing Foundation (IHF), a non-profit organization that since 1990, has helped thousands of individuals and families struggling with sexual orientation. As a licensed clinical professional counselor in the Washington, DC area, Christopher specializes in working with men who experience unwanted same-sex attractions. He also offers telephone and online consultations/coaching to individuals and families struggling with sexual orientation issues worldwide. As the first ever recipient of the Dr. Joseph Nicolosi Award for early career excellence, Christopher has been recognized as one of the emerging therapists in the sexual orientation field by the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH) in 2011. A published author and expert in adolescent sexual health, Christopher's work can be seen in periodicals such as the Journal of Human Sexuality, and has written articles for Townhall, WorldNetDaily, The Christian Post, and Barbwire. As a former homosexual (now married to his wife with three children) and an advocate for sexual health, Christopher's work has been featured on The Dr. Oz Show, National Public Radio, Fox News Radio, Christian Broadcasting Network, American Family Radio, USA Today, Associated Press, NBC News, AOL, BuzzFeed, The Washington Post, The Washington Times, World Magazine, National Catholic Registry, Charisma, and many more.

Bruce R. Gold

Director and Counselor, Collegeville Healing Center
Private practice in Collegeville, Pennsylvania
Senior Facilitator, Journey Into Manhood
Collegeville Healing Center

Bruce has trained in modalities including Gestalt Therapy, Shadow Awareness, Imago Therapy, Co-Dependency, Touch Therapy, Voice Dialogue and Shiatsu bodywork. Bruce has extensive experience leading short and long term men's and couple's groups since 1993. He offers counseling on an individual basis for men, women and families addressing addiction, co-dependency, anger, shame and loss, sexual abuse and gender issues. Additionally, Bruce works with clients dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD. Bruce has been an active participant in various 12 step recovery groups since 1984. Bruce is a Certified Co-Leader (on sabbatical) in the New Warrior Training Adventure, an intense, transformative men's initiation that invites men to forge a deep conscious connection between head and heart, and that supports men in developing lives of integrity, accountability, and connection to feeling. He has facilitated or led workshops throughout the Northern Hemisphere and Europe. Currently Bruce maintains a full time Counseling/Coaching practice in Collegeville Pa where he works with individuals, couples, families and groups. Bruce specializes in personal empowerment by teaching and modeling strength through vulnerability, creating safe and passionate moments of healing.

Janelle Hallman, MA, LPC

Clinical Director, Janelle Hallman & Associates, Inc.
Executive Director, Desert Hope Ministries
Adjunct Professor, Denver Seminary
Janelle Hallman & Associates, Inc.

Janelle, a licensed professional counselor, has become an internationally recognized expert in the area of female homosexuality and emotional dependency and also works with a variety of other men and women seeking greater wholeness in their lives. Janelle's clinic provides individual, family, couples and group therapy for adolescents and adults. She provides professional consulting to other counselors and clergy on homosexuality and is an educator, writer and dynamic speaker on issues related to the human condition, redemption, healing and wholeness in general. Her passion is to share realities about God, life and the human experience in a way that speaks to some of the deepest needs of broken and hurting people. Janelle recieved her M.A. in counseling with honors, she is a published author, and professional speaker.

Thaddeus Heffner, MMFT

Private Practice in Nashville, TN Center for Relational Healing

Thaddeus Heffner is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the greater Nashville, TN area. While Thaddeus facilitates sessions for individuals, couples, and groups, he also works with those who self-determine to reduce unwanted homosexuality as their own personal goal. Thaddeus specializes in gender-wholeness, affect focused therapy, family systems, masculine self-image and relational skills. He is also certified in EMDR for working through and diminishing trauma. Thaddeus always follows the client and their set goals, seeking to help them along the path of their own choosing.

Shlomo-Zalman (Adam) Jessel, MA

Private practice based in Jerusalem, Israel
Tel: 972 546 720 336

Shlomo-Zalman (Adam) Jessel holds BSc. and MA degrees in Clinical-Developmental psychology, and is EMDR certified. A founding member of the Jerusalem Therapy Institute (, he works with individuals and families in Israel and abroad, often via telephone or Skype. He has published in medical and scientific journals on a wide array of subjects, and guest lectures to therapists and educators several times per year. Shlomo's current emphasis is on men dealing with pornography, homosexuality, sex-related addictions, and trauma, particularly therapy for men with same-gender attraction, and spouses and parents dealing with this issue through a loved one. He is a member of the SSA supervisory group headed by Joseph Nicolosi, PhD. Shlomo was widowed in 2003 and remarried in 2008. He has four children.

Britta Johnson

Co-Founder, Celebration of Being Celebration of Being

Britta has been working internationally with people in the field of transformation for over 20 years. She has a background in social work, family and couple's therapy, dance and movement, vocal expression, emotional release and life coaching. Starting in Germany as a social worker in women's shelters, her path took her through many extensive inner and outer travels towards developing her own meditation, dance, and movement workshops in Canada in the late 80s. In 1997 she co-founded Celebration of Being in the US with Rajyo. She brings a laser-direct honesty combined with gentle compassion, wrapped in non-judgmental wisdom, whilst seeing the wounds of others clearly, and tenderly walking them through them. Her greatest joy is to assist people in finding and living their purpose, potential and aliveness.

Elan Karten, PHD

Private practice in Jerusalem, Israel

Elan, a licensed psychologist in both the U.S. and Israel, received his PhD in clinical psychology from Fordham University. For his dissertation, he investigated the psychological variables and therapeutic interventions and techniques most related to change in sexual orientation. He serves on the Scientific Advisory Board of NARTH, and is the Israeli representative of their International Federation. He currently lives in Jerusalem with his wife and family and is seeing private clients under the supervision of Dr. Nicolosi.

Rajyo Markman

Co-Founder, Celebration of Being Celebration of Being

Rajyo Markman is a spiritual teacher, mystic and a gifted healer, who has been working with people in the field of transformation for over 20 years. Rajyo is a Somatic Experiencing* practitioner, a certified Massage Therapist, Aquatic bodywork practitioner, qualified Yoga Teacher, and certified Master Results coach. She has been initiated into giving Oneness Blessing to others. In her private sessions, workshops, trainings and retreats she combines trauma healing, self inquiry, mindfulness practice, compassionate counseling, and breath and body awareness to bring an awareness of the perfection of our essential wholeness.

Matt Miller, M.Ed., LPC-S

Private practice in Houston, Texas
Renewing Hope Counseling

Matt Miller is a Licensed Professional Counselor and clinical supervisor. He has been practicing since 1995 in various professional areas such as Public School Counselor, Public Mental Health Clinics, Psychiatric Hospitals, and Private Practice. Matt's practice is generalized but he does give special attention to men with unwanted same-sex attraction, male victims of sexual abuse, and sexual addiction. Research indicates that the relationship between clinician and client is the most significant factor in treatment outcomes rather than technique, theoretical orientation, or mental health discipline. For this reason, Matt puts a great emphasis on the relationship and draws the diversity of his experiences in each individual case.

Bobby Morgan, LCSW

Private practice in Houston, Texas
Senior Facilitator, Journey Into Manhood
Co-Creator, A Wife's Healing Journey

Bobby, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, specializes in gender-affirmative therapy with men who seek both freedom from unwanted same-sex attraction and connection to their true heterosexual identity. Mentored by Dr. Joseph Nicolosi, PhD, he is passionate about leading men to healing in the following areas: growing sense of masculine identity; authentic connection to emotions; getting core needs met in healthy, non-sexual ways; releasing shame; working through pornography and other addictions; and using their spirituality to surrender to the life to which they feel called. Bobby is a member of NARTH. Face to face therapy, as well as meaningful therapy through SKYPE or over the phone, is available.

Mary Jane Morgan

Co-Creator, A Wife's Healing Journey
Co-Leader, Especially For Wives

Mary Jane, life coach has a passion to serve women who have someone in their life who struggles with unwanted same-sex attraction. From her own work and her experience in her marriage, she has learned to set boundaries, communicate clearly with intention, and work to get her own needs met. She offers compassionate life coaching with a focus on increasing how a woman can maintain her wholeness. Mary Jane is a co-creator (along with her husband Bobby Morgan and with PCC founder Rich Wyler) of PCC's "A Wife's Healing Journey" weekend. She and Rich co-lead "Especially for Wives," a coaching support group for wives offered weekly by phone.

Joseph Nicolosi, Ph.D.

Founder and Former President, NARTH
Founder and Clinical Director, Thomas Aquinas Psychological Clinic
Private practice in Encino (Los Angeles) County, California
Thomas Aquinas Psychological Clinic

Dr. Nicolosi, a licensed psychologist, has 25 years experience counseling men with unwanted same sex-attractions. He has authored four books and numerous articles on the subject, and therapists often use his book Reparative Therapy of Male Homosexuality as a treatment model. He and his staff of six psychotherapists conduct over 150 sessions per week with SSA men. He is an outspoken supporter of People Can Change and its Journey Into Manhood experiential weekend program. Dr. Nicolosi's credentials include an M.A. from The New School for Social Research in New York, and a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from The California School of Professional Psychology. He was licensed as a psychologist in California in 1980 (License #6556) and is a member of the American Psychological Association and the APA Division for Psychoanalytic Psychology.

Baxter Peffer, MS

Private practice in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Senior Facilitator and Co-Leader, Journey Into Manhood

David H. Pickup, MA, LMFT

Private practice with offices in Dallas, TX and Los Angeles, CA
NARTH Board Member

David holds a masters degree in psychology and is completing doctoral studies in psychology at CalSouthern University. He is licensed in California and Texas as a Marriage and Family Therapist. David underwent an extensive internship and training with the creator of Reparative Therapy, Dr. Joseph Nicolosi at Thomas Aquinas Psychological Clinic. He now operates his own private practices in Encino, CA and Dallas, TX. His practices consist almost entirely of SSA men who seek orientation change. David is a member of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists and the American Psychological Association, and he holds training courses in Reparative Therapy for licensed counselors and ministers. He often speaks about Reparative Therapy on news shows and for churches and men's groups. David holds to the belief that authentic manhood and the fulfillment of same-sex emotional needs is a marvelous and healing experience.

Scott Sutherland, LPC

Private practice in Colorado Springs, Colorado Agape Psychological Clinic: Center for Men

Scott is a Licensed Professional Counselor and holds a Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology. He trained under Dr. Joseph Nicolosi at the Thomas Aquinas Psychological Clinic in Encino California.

Robert L. Vazzo, MMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist 1-818-482-6083

Robert Vazzo received his master's degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from the University of Southern California and completed his clinical internship at the Thomas Aquinas Psychological Clinic in Encino, California, where he worked with leading sexual reorientation therapist Dr. Joseph Nicolosi. He is an active member of NARTH. His professional interests include working with men who feel deeply conflicted over unwanted same-sex attraction, transvestic fetishism, pornography, and pedophilia. Mr. Vazzo has lived and worked in France, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey and maintains an active interest in multicultural counseling.

Keith Vennum, MD, LMHC

Private Practice in Altimonte Springs, FL
NARTH Board Member

Keith is a licensed physician and mental health counselor specializing in working with men who wish to reduce their unwanted same sex attractions. He also counsels couples in mixed orientation marriages and practices addiction medicine. He received his Master's degree from Liberty University and his doctorate from the University of Florida. Dr. Vennum has been certified by the International Healing Foundation, received training through the National Association of Research and Therapy of Homosexuality and participated in a Journey into Manhood weekend. He is a referral therapist for Focus on the Family, Restored Hope Network and Hope for Wholeness network. He believes that experiencing authentic manhood and meeting same-sex emotional needs in healthy affirming ways are worthy life goals for men.