We are a community of men from homosexual or bisexual backgrounds who — for our own, deeply personal reasons — typically do not accept or identify with the label "gay" and prefer instead to work to minimize or eliminate our sexualization of other men. That doesn't mean we are in denial or are suppressing our supposedly "true selves." Quite the opposite.

In fact, we are on a journey to discover and address the underlying environmental and relational issues that may have led us to feel unwanted and incongruous same-sex attractions in the first place. (That's right: Most of us don't accept "born that way" theories, at least not for ourselves. And even if there may be some truth to them in some cases, biology is not predestination.)

We pursue courageous personal-growth work and a personal spiritual and emotional journey in a supportive community of like-minded brothers. And as a result:

  • Many of us have found the level and intensity of our same-sex attractions diminish over time, sometimes significantly.
  • We've experienced an increased sense of belonging and brotherhood among men from all walks of life.
  • Our self-esteem has improved and feelings of shame have diminished or disappeared.
  • Those of us who have struggled with self-destructive and out-of-control sexual behaviors have often reduced or even eliminated those behaviors altogether.
  • Many of us have found renewed commitment to and love for wives, family, and God. Many have found new or increased romantic and sexual attractions to the opposite sex.
  • But more important than all of that, we are finding peace-and peace in a way that aligns our identity, feelings and behaviors with our deeply held beliefs, values, morals and life goals.

Yes, we represent a significant alternative to gay-affirming identities and lifestyles. That is our choice. It is our right to pursue happiness as we see fit, especially when it involves something as personal as our sexuality, our faith, our emotions and our relationships. Yet we respect the right of others to pursue different paths to peace. We believe in civil discourse and in mutual respect, even - and especially - when we disagree.

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Journey Into Manhood is a 48-hour immersion in intensive personal growth, self-discovery and emotional-healing work. It is designed especially for men who are self-motivated to address unwanted homosexual attractions or other unresolved issues around men and masculinity.

We create a highly supportive yet challenging environment for men to address underlying core issues that may have resulted in painful internal conflicts. Like not feeling "man enough." Or not "one of the guys." Or an unmet yearning for male attention, acceptance and affirmation.

Journey Into Manhood is an experiential weekend. You won't just sit and listen. You'll actively participate, connect and explore. We create opportunities for you to experience healing, growth and brotherhood, not just talk about them.

It is not a religious retreat, although we do teach the spiritual principle of surrender to a Higher Power. It is not professional therapy. It is a peer-led experience run by men who have been where you are now.



Journey Into Manhood

  • Feb 19-21, 2016: Florida
  • May 13-15, 2016: Pennsylvania
  • Aug 5-7, 2016: Indiana
  • Aug 26-28, 2016: Utah
  • Sep 9-11, 2016: Poland
  • Sep 30-Oct 2, 2016: Texas
  • Oct 28-30, 2016: California


Journey Continues

  • May 27-29, 2016: Pennsylvania



  • SSA: Another Way Out: Jan 24-May 8 (weekly)
  • Freedom From Porn: Feb 1-April 18 (weekly)


Journey Together Coaching Group

  • Sessions weekly (Tuesdays)


Journey Beyond

  • Summer 2017

A Wife's Healing Journey

  • Stay tuned for our next event date.